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Vulcan Joseph Edit
Vulcan infobox volume cover
Character Info
Kanji ヴァルカン
Romaji Vuarukan
Alias God of Fire and Smithing (炎と鍛冶の神, Honō To Kaji No Kami)
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Technical Info
Birth Date April 18th
Age Around 17
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force Company 8
Occupation Engineer
Manga The World of Flames

Penguin Helmet

Vulcan Joseph (ヴァルカンジョゼフ, Vuarukan Jōsefu), famously known as the God of Fire and Smithing (炎と鍛冶の神, Honō To Kaji No Kami) is the engineer for Special Fire Force Company 8.

Appearance Edit

Vulcan appearance

Vulcan's appearance.

Vulcan is a young man of average height, with short red hair, shaved sides, and blue eyes. He has striped tattoos over his body, from two black stripes around his neck, three black horizontal stripes on his shoulders, two on his upper-arms, and one stripe on his left forearm. When working, he wears a eerie-looking ram mask with twisted horns and goggles. He also wears somewhat dark trousers with a toolbelt, a white belt and white skull as the buckle, black boots and thick white gloves. He also wears a white t-shirt with black outlines, text on the torso saying "THE ANIMALS", and a black dog's paw below it. Vulcan's body is very athletic.

Personality Edit

Vulcan is a very skilled engineer, but for some reason, prefers to work alone, not responding to Haijima's or the Special Fire Force's requests for him to join their organisations. He is very passionate about his occupation, and loves creating new inventions. At the same time, Vulcan is very stubborn, demanding and straight-forward about what he wants.

Background Edit

As a child, Vulcan enjoyed building machines with his father and uncle. Back then, when Giovanni was trying to recruit the engineers, Vulcan's father and uncle were suspiciously turned into Infernals, making Vulcan wary of Giovanni, Haijima and the Special Fire Brigades.

Plot Edit

Vulcan's Workshop arc Edit

Vulcan bangs on machine

Vulcan works on his craft.

Vulcan first appeared when Shinra, Arthur and Iris showed up at his workshop. When he heard Arthur shouting, he opened the entrance only to poke out his hand, told them to leave, and threw soda cans at the two fire officers. He prepared to throw a third at Iris, but noticed her squealing, and shut the door. calls out to Vulcan, letting him know that he's retrieved the materials he'd asked for, to which Vulcan walks out with his mask on. As Vulcan picks up the bag and begins to walk back inside, Shinra and Arthur shout at him to wait. Vulcan removes his mask, and exclaims to them both that he will not help any fire brigades, and tells them to leave, shutting the door behind him. After the fire officers manage to get inside, they discover Vulcan riding and banging loudly on a machine. He then twirls a tool in his hand, beats the machine one more time, and kicks it away, shocking the fire officers. Vulcan asserts with a smile on his face that he's finally got the machine to work, while Shinra puts him down by saying he only kicked it and could have broken it, to which Vulcan says that a machine that would have broke would have been a defective product anyway. Realizing that they've come inside, Vulcan reiterates that they're not supposed to be here. He then shouts at Yū to bring tea, and when he does, grabs the can and launches it at Shinra's feet, but the fire officer dodges. He picks up another, saying he's heard enough of the nonsense from the fire brigades, and launches the can at Arthur this time, to which he hits with a bat to try and reflect it, but instead cracks it open, with the tea going all over him, much to Vulcan's amusement. The doorbell rings, and Lisa hints to Vulcan who it is at the door. Vulcan then puts on a shirt, and says he will go alone, despite Lisa's concern.

Netherworld arc Edit

Vulcan joins the 8th fire force company to journey in to the Netherworld.

Haijima Industries arc Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Vulcan's name is a tribute to the god of fire Vulcan in ancient Roman religion and myth, including the fire of volcanoes and metalworking.
  • Vulcans tattoos on his shoulders are similar to the ones on the shoulders of the members of the DWMA's African Branch, Alexandre and Dengu Dinga, from Atsushi's earlier works Soul Eater.

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