Unpardonable Evil
Chapter 27
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Chapter Info
Japanese 許されざる悪
Arc VS. Special Fire Force Company 1 arc
Chapter 27
Pages 18
Volume Fire Bugs
Release Info
Japan April 13, 2016
No new characters
No new techniques

Unpardonable Evil (許されざる悪, Yurusa Rezaru Aku) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

A confused Karim sits alone in his room, looking at an old photo of himself and the other two priests in their earlier days, asking himself why Rekka could be doing such evil things. As he walks down a hallway, Shinra and Arthur confront him and express their desire to help with capturing Rekka, the culprit of the artificial Flame Humans. After continuously insisting, Karim realises their desire to help, and tells them to do whatever they want. The three then disperse and search for Rekka outside of the Cathedral. Soon after, Tamaki is seen leading innocent people to an abandoned warehouse. Rekka appears from behind her, thanking her greatly for bringing as many people she could. He then passionately exclaims to have found a prayer that will prevent people from transforming into Flame Humans, to which Tamaki looks at him admirably. As Rekka tells Tamaki to leave so he can concentrate on the prayer, she insists to stay so she can see the prayer. Suddenly, Rekka hugs her, and tightens his grip, suffocating Tamaki in the process. Turning to the children with a sadistic expression on his face, Rekka implants the Bug into the woman, and her head suddenly ignites. As she was not compatible with the spark, Rekka savagely kills her. While the children cry, Tamaki sits confused and scared, but Rekka continues his unforgivable actions. He grabs Tatsu, but before he could use the Bug on him, Tamaki stands up and slaps him, saying how much she admired him. Rekka doesn't hesitate to punch her back, after which he express his passion to create Flame Humans for his leader and find the person compatible with the flames. He then implants the Bug into the Tatsu, to which he begins transformation into a Flame Human. In the skies, Shinra hears somebody screaming from an abandoned warehouse.

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