Thermoacoustic Refrigeration
  • The heat energy lowers in temperature..
  • ..and changes into cold air..
  • ..eventually creating ice.
Kanji 熱音響冷却
Romaji Netsu Onkyō Reikyaku
Technique Info
Classification Offensive, Defensive
Range Medium
Manga The Pyrokinetics of Company 1

Thermoacoustic Refrigeration (熱音響冷却, Netsu Onkyō Reikyaku) is a Second Generation ability used by Karim Fulham.

Usage Edit

Karim's Weapon

Karim's instrument.

Using the instrument, Karim is able to compact heat energy, turn it into sound, and by creating friction with the air, can turn the sound into cold air, to which he can produce and launch icicles at his targets. When the heat is turned into sound energy, its temperature drops and enters a state of transposition, and by repeating this motion, with his ability and instrument, Karim is able to lower the temperature enough to create ice. Karim uses a bell to create an alarming noise, and the weapon to utilise his ability to transfer the sound into cold air, allowing him to freeze his enemies in a pillar of ice. Karim has described the process of this ability similar to that of an air conditioner or freezers that turn hot air into cold air.[1]

References Edit

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