The Sinister Blasphemer

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Chapter Info
Japanese 怪しき冒涜者
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 04
Pages 18
Volume Fire Walk with Me
Release Info
Japan October 21, 2015
English November 8, 2016
Viktor Licht
No new techniques

The Sinister Blasphemer (怪しき冒涜者, Ayashiki Bōtokusha) is the fourth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Two unknown men are ecstatic that their plans are in full fruition. In the meantime, Company 8 storms into the building and, as they step foot in the house, they trigger some sort of powder on the floor. The force gets into the room, where they spot an Infernal, casually sitting in a chair, and Akitaru notices the picture of Mikako's family. Arthur volunteers to send away the Flame Human, but Shinra tells him that the being has done nothing wrong, however, Akitaru reassures Arthur to go, with the boy claiming that the man must be in pain from all the fire. The rest of the force start praying as Arthur impales Mikako's father with his Excalibur. Akitaru then reassures Shinra that what they are doing is for the greater good and that the most frustrating job is to get used to it. Takehisa then notices powder, seeping from the ceiling, as the roof collapses straight on the force. Akitaru ignores safety precautions and runs straight for the Mikako's family portrait, but gets rubble fallen on his body. The man, however, dedicated and furious, exclaims that he has been training for this every day. In the meantime, a shady character, smoking a cigarette, mumbles that the force is smoldering for a fight, while the opposing threat is just playing around. After reassured that Akitaru is fine, the force moves out of the building. While outside, Akitaru delivers the picture he managed to save to Mikako, telling her that her parents were fighting for her sake. Shinra apologizes for not being able to do anything, while Akitaru just assures him, and everyone else, that all they can do is get as close as they can to the ones who are left behind.

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