The Pyrokinetics of Company 1
Chapter 23
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Chapter Info
Japanese 第1能力者たち
Arc VS. Special Fire Force Company 1 arc
Chapter 23
Pages 18
Volume The Hero and The Princess
Release Info
Japan March 16, 2016
No new characters
Thermoacoustic Refrigeration

The Pyrokinetics of Company 1 (第1能力者たち, Dai 1 Nōryokusha-Tachi) is the twenty-third chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

At the 8th Special Fire Fighting Church, Akitaru and Takehisa feel worried about Shinra and Arthur not getting in touch with them about the investigation. Hibana is scared at the fact that Shinra might be getting himself in trouble with Leonardo Burns. Meanwhile, at the training grounds of the 1st, the newcomers prepare themselves to face off against them in a practice fight. Tamaki spots Shinra through the wired fence of the training grounds, commenting on her unwillingness to forgive him if he harms Burns. Fired up for combat, Rekka challenges Takeru, to start off the session. A scared and shaky Takeru ignites flames on his hands and summons a myriad of flame-shaped missiles. Rekka exclaims his ability and firepower as a Third Generation is amazing. The others watching take notice of his power and hide in a safe place. As he launches the missiles, Rekka manages to swiftly dodge them all with a jolly smile on his face, and so they are then directed at Karim, much to his annoyance. Readily, he pulls out his weapon and bell, and uses his ability to transform the blazing fire into a spiked-pillar of ice, much to everybody's amazement. Comically launching the pillar at Rekka as revenge, Karim explains the missiles would have hit the Commander if he wasn't present. After explaining his ability to transform heat into sound, and sound into ice, Shinra looks in awe at the three Priests, suggesting that any three of them could potentially be the creator of the artificial Flame Humans. After Foien and Tōru refuse to fight, with an intensely intimidating face, Leonardo challenges the 8th Brigadiers to fight.

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