The Man at His Back
Chapter 30
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Chapter Info
Japanese 後ろに立つ男
Arc VS. Special Fire Force Company 1 arc
Chapter 30
Pages 22
Volume Fire Bugs
Release Info
Japan May 11, 2016
No new characters
No new techniques

The Man at His Back (後ろに立つ男, Ushiro Ni Tatsu Otoko) is the thirtieth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Shinra triumphs in his intense brawl with Rekka Hoshimiya. As Tamaki prepares to evacuate the children, she sees a defeated Rekka, and reminisces about the good times at the 1st Special Fire Brigade. Resisting his scathed-state, Rekka urges that now he's found a compatible child, he won't let them escape, and begins attacking once again. Before he could accomplish anything, he found his arms frozen solid in a pillar of ice, as Karim Fulham walks in the room from behind and uses his freezing ability to put an end to Rekka's actions. Before anyone could have any peace of mind, a bright light radiates through the room, and a large pole is thrown in from outside, striking and piercing Rekka's chest severely, as everybody is left in astonishment.

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