The Heart of a Fire Soldier

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Chapter Info
Japanese 消防官の心
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 03
Pages 18
Volume Fire Walk with Me
Release Info
Japan October 14, 2015
English November 8, 2016
No new techniques

The Heart of a Fire Soldier (消防官の心, Shōbōkan no Kokoro) is the third chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Shinra, Arthur and Akitaru eat at Ippudo Ramen, where the two Fire Soldiers fight on who can finish their meal first and afterwards, on their way back to the headquarters, Arthur has a casual conversation with Akitaru, which makes Shinra notice that the Battalion Commander is a very nice person, impressing the boy that Arthur is getting close to him in such a short amount time. Back at the headquarters, Takehisa gives Shinra a seven-style battleaxe, and offers Arthur one as well, but he refuses to accept it, viewing Excalibur as the only weapon he requires. Akitaru then complains about the maintenance and wishes that the force had a stoker in their ranks. In the meantime, Mikako returns home, only to see her father has turned into an Infernal. The siren signals a mission, which forces Maki to gather up the team and head out. While in the Matchbox, Akitaru requests Shinra and Arthur to hide their weapons in public. When the team arrives at the scene, Akitaru starts feeling pity for Mikako. He then notices that both Arthur and Shinra are displaying their weapons in public, and takes them aside to have a talk, telling them that, since purifying Infernals means killing them, their loved ones also lose them forever, and tells that if a person cannot hide their weapon in the eyes of the families of victims, they have no place in the Special Fire Force Company 8. After they finish the conversation, a gigantic flame bursts out from the balcony, forming into a smiley face, to which Maki claims it not being her doing while an ominous looking man is seen near the house.

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