The Flower of Promise
Chapter 19
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Chapter Info
Japanese 約束の火華
Arc VS. Special Fire Force Company 5 arc
Chapter 19
Pages 22
Volume The Hero and The Princess
Release Info
Japan February 17, 2016
No new techniques

The Flower of Promise (約束の火華, Yakusoku no Hibana) is the nineteenth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.


Iris carries a knocked out Hibana onto her lap, and as she's unconscious, she recalls her history with the flames. Being the only Third Generation at The Holy Sol Temple, all of the fellow Sisters were always enthused to see her display of flowers made of flames. As Iris watches timidly from a corner, Hibana spots her and welcomes her to come closer. Sumire walks over and tells Hibana to stop playing with fire as it poses a threat, but Hibana says its safe. As all the Sisters go into the chapel, Iris stops Hibana and pleads to see her fire flowers again. Hibana makes a promise that she'll show her the flowers once Iris breaks out of her shell a little more. As they walk into the chapel, they are overwhelmed by the scenery of all the Sisters burning and falling victim to the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon. Covering the eyes of a young Iris, they escaped the temple to salvage themselves. Experiencing the trauma and once thinking of the flames as a beautiful thing, Hibana changed her concept of reality into one that devoted her time into researching and experimenting on Flame Humans, eventually twisting her personality into that of a self-proclaimed demon. Years passed and Hibana ultimately left her residence with Iris to pursue her goal of discovering everything there is to know about the phenomenon and living her own life. She ended up selling her research to Haijima Heavy Industries, and by giving them what they wanted, she attained the status of Battalion Commander as well as the funding for her experiments. Hibana finally awakens, finding herself on Iris' lap. Questioning Iris' resolve to help and comfort her, Iris explains that Hibana was seen as the beautiful, smart and amazing role-model of the temple, which all the Sisters saw her as being a hero in their eyes. Hibana claims that although that may be the case, she never had someone to look up to. Shinra steps in, claiming that if she's looking for a hero, he's the man for it, to which she blushes. Iris asks Hibana if she can finally see the fire flowers again, so Hibana uses her ability create iris-shaped flowers, to which Iris bear hugs her. Hibana then looks to Shinra to fill him in on a secret of the phenomenon.

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