Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Force

Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Force

Chapter 0

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Chapter Info
Japanese 森羅日下部入隊
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 00
Pages 54
Volume Fire Walk with Me
Release Info
Japan September 23, 2015
English November 8, 2016
Akitaru ŌbiArthur BoyleIrisMaki OzeShinra's MotherShinra KusakabeTakehisa Hinawa
Adolla BurstIgnition Ability

Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Force (森羅日下部入隊, Shinra Kusakabe Nyūtai) is the first chapter of the Fire Force manga series, considered chapter zero instead of chapter one.

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On a train, a human is set ablaze while at the same time, Shinra Kusakabe makes his way to the train station, where he bumps into a girl and scares her away with his grin. Upon arriving to the station, an alarm goes off and announces that a train was caught in fire, after which, people begin evacuating the premises as a Flame Human appears from the train carriage. Before Shinra could take action, the Special Fire Force Company 8 arrive. The force confronts the being, eventually managing to destroy its core. After the ordeal, Shinra notices a falling light and uses his ability to save the person underneath and introduces himself as the team's newest member to the force. When the team returns to the Cathedral, Shinra is formally introduced to Takehisa and Akitaru. When asked why he joined the force, Shinra replies that he wants to become a hero. After the girls have a shower, Shinra is introduced to Maki and Iris. The force members soon begin talking about the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon and that their mission is to unravel the mysteries surrounding it. Later in bed, Shinra recalls the death of his family and claims there was a "black shadow" present before they died, as well as how his grandma treated him following the incident. Straight after, he and the team are notified that a fire has broke out and the team gets prepared and departs to the scene, where Akitaru encourages Shinra to do his best while on the job.

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