Shinra's Mother Edit
Shō's Mother
Character Info
Gender Female   Female
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Manga Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Force

This woman is a citizen of Tokyo, that was turned into a Demon Infernal by the White-Clad.

Appearance Edit

She had shoulder length black hair and sharp teeth, which is a trait she shared with both of her children. She possessed the same soft eyes Shinra had before awakening his Ignition Ability.

Personality Edit

She is shown to be very caring for towards her two sons. Encouraging Shinra’s dreams of being a hero and always being attentive towards the newborn Shō. However, she would lightly scold Shinra if the need the need arose, telling him to sit further away from the television and would remind him that misbehaving children are sent away to The Nether when he didn't do his chores.

During the fire that claimed her life, she is seen trying to tell Shinra to run away. Showing that she placed the safety of her children above her own life.

Background Edit

Sho Being Taken

The woman abducting Shō.

Miss Kusakabe gave birth to her son, Shinra, on October 29th in the Year 178. Her second son, Shō, was born in the Year 183. In the following year, after witnessing Shō surrounded by the Adolla Burst flames, she turned into a Demon Infernal with two curly white horns, a skeletal spine that also connected to her long spiky tail. Afterwards, she died, despite both her sons surviving the act that was evidently caused by Haumea. Shinra was saved from the Inferno by Leonardo Burns and after making use of his Third Generation abilities in the moment of chaos, jolted towards the wall and knocked himself out, leading him to forget the majority of the events. Shō (presumed to be dead) was taken by The Preacher. Witnessing her death traumatized Shinra, leaving him with his nervous grin but a burning desire to save people and uncover who killed her. While Shō claims to have no memory of his mother, having been raised by The Preacher and viewing it as his only parent.