Mikako Edit
Character Info
Kanji ミカコ
Romaji Mikako
Gender Female   Female
Status Active
  • Unnamed Father (Deceased)
  • Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Manga The Heart of a Fire Soldier

Mikako (ミカコ, Mikako) is a young girl from the Tokyo's Iriya District.

Appearance Edit

Mikako is a young girl with short, cheek length, dark-coloured hair, with her bangs hanging just above her eyes, and thin eyebrows. She wears what appears to be a school uniform, composed of a black-coloured jacket, a white shirt, a tie and a white skirt.

Personality Edit

Mikako was seen to be happy and joyful, as she was rather excited when she got home. However, when she witnessed her father turning into a Flame Human, Mikako became shocked and somewhat traumatised by the predicament. She began to question why the man was cursed the same way Mikako's mother was two years earlier.

Plot Edit

Introduction arc Edit

Mikako witnesses her father as a Flame Human

Mikako discovers her father, turned into a Flame Human.

When Mikako returns home and asks her father if he will be taking care of dinner, she is welcomed back by the man, who turned into a Flame Human some time while the girl was gone, which shocks Mikako and makes her fall to her knees. Afterwards, the 8th Special Fire Brigade arrives to aid the firefighters in sending off her father's soul in peace, where Mikako is seen sitting on the sidewalk, with a nurse by her side, crying and mumbling to herself that after her father and mother, the same fate awaits her as well. Later, when the brigade manages to successfully send her father's soul away in peace, Mikako is given a framed picture of her family, which used to reside in her apartment, rescued by Akitaru from the collapsed building, who then tells Mikako that he believes that her parents were bravely fighting to protect their daughter from the flames.