Mamoru Edit
Character Info
Kanji まもる
Romaji Mamoru
Alias 1 (1, ワン, Wan)
Status Active
Professional Status
Affiliation The Fire Defense Agency
Occupation Mascot
Manga Rookie Fire Soldier Games

Mamoru (まもる, Mamoru) is one of the three mascots of The Fire Defense Agency's 119.

Appearance Edit

Mamoru is a dog, which was modified to take the appearance of an old man. It has a large head and a stubble, small, closed eyes and long black ears. Mamoru wears an attire with a horizontal stripe going along the sleeves and torso, as well as a vertical stripe going down the middle. It wears a large hat with the number "1" on it. It was noted by Arthur that Mamoru looks like an old geezer.[1] He used to take the appearance of a dog, however, select members of The Fire Defense Agency complained about having all the mascots representing animals, so they modified Mamoru's face into that of its current one. He is popular among young school girls. 

Plot Edit

Introduction arc Edit

Mamoru stuck in a tree

Mamoru stuck in a tree.

Mamoru appears alongside its fellow mascots — Race and Q — at the Rookie Fire Soldier Games. The next day, Mamoru gets placed into a tree by kids and gets stuck, but is rescued by Shinra. It tells the two Fire Soldiers that local firefighters are receiving resentment from people due to the actions of an ex-firefighter, who had killed four innocent people. Mamoru informs them that the trial for the release of that convict, Setsuo Miyamoto, will be held shortly. Afterwards, Shinra and Arthur help Mamoru hand out balloons on a high street.

Trivia Edit

  • "Mamoru" ("まもる") is the Japanese word for "to protect", "to guard" and "to defend".

References Edit

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