Infernal Bugs
Chapter 26
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Chapter Info
Japanese 焔の蟲
Arc VS. Special Fire Force Company 1 arc
Chapter 26
Pages 18
Volume Fire Bugs
Release Info
Japan March 6, 2016
Nataku Son
No new techniques

Infernal Bugs (焔の蟲, Homura no Mushi) is the twenty-sixth chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

At the 8th Special Fire Brigade, Akitaru and Hibana are discussing the creation of the artificial Flame Humans, to which they conclude that inside of the corpses of artificial Flame Humans were gene of a particular Bug. Back in the streets of Shinjuku, Karim and Rekka spot Shinra and Arthur questioning their position by not attending the mission. Stopping to think, Shinra suspects the culprit who used the Bug is one or both of the two Priests. Arthur rushes in to question them, but Shinra elbows him in the stomach, and tells the Priests that they got lost since they don't visit Shinjuku often. Tamaki walks over and reports to Rekka that all groups have succeeded in their mission, and so the members of the 1st return to headquarters. When Arthur and Shinra return to their dorms at the Cathedral, they discuss the events concerning Rekka and Karim. Shinra explains that it would have been too assertive and dangerous to confront the Priests at the time, which is why he waited till he returned and received orders from Akitaru. As the two begin their investigation on Karim, Shinra explains that Takeru and Tōru are distracting him in the meanwhile. As they break into Karim's room and look around, they soon discover a vial with a Bug inside. Pondering at it, it doesn't take long before Karim appears behind them with a ruthless expression. The two turn around hesitantly, prepared to fight, though Karim walks in and sits on the bed. Karim explains that he knew the 8th were investigating the 1st, and that the he put the Bug in the draw on purpose, claiming to also be looking for the original perpetrator of the bug. The three resolve that the real mastermind has to be Rekka Hoshimiya since he was the only other person with the same robe at the scene of the artificial Flame Human. He goes on to say there was a peculiar case in which children ignited artificially two months ago. Somewhere in Tokyo's streets, two innocent children are seen walking together. A shadow appears and calls their attention, only for it to be Tamaki Kotatsu, claiming she knows a fire that burned children previously, and tempting them to follow her.

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