Hikage Edit
Character Info
Kanji ヒカゲ
Romaji Hikage
Alias Hika (ヒカ, Hika)
Gender Female   Female
Status Active
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation 7th Special Fire Brigade
Manga The Whereabouts of the White-Clad

Hikage (ヒカゲ, Hikage) is a Third Generation member of the Special Fire Force Company 7.

Appearance Edit

Hikage appearance

Hikage's appearance.

Hikage is a young girl. She has black hair that is tied in a bubble at the back, brushed to the left side of her face, in contrast to Hinata who bears a resembling appearance, and acquires a large light bow across her head. She has large dark eyes, and dons a black kimono with a blue stripe across the waist signifying her affiliation with the Special Fire Force, and a flame pattern on the end of the sleeves.

Personality Edit

Hikage is a jolly girl who is often seen with her companion Hinata. However, cute she may be, she certainly are not. She is very mischievous & has terrible language for a girl of her age; language that she inherited from Benimaru. Other than that, she knows her twin very well; to the extent that even impostors can never trick her; no matter how well they look. She also seems to love desserts and sweet things; even if what she says do not match her intentions.

Plot Edit

Hikage appeared along with Hinata at the 7th Special Fire Fighting Station, and grew excited when Benimaru brought back daifuku for them to eat. The brigade were later interrupted by the Special Fire Force Company 8 appearing at their headquarters.

Asakusa arc Edit

Hikage and her twin sister are seen hiding behind their commander.Hikage and are sister hid towards Konro to tell him that what Shinra is doing. Konro takes the twins out of the 8th hands. Shinra tells Konro there not a problem.Shinra shows the twins his break dancing.Hikage is seen fighting her twin sister. Konro ask the twins what is the problem both girls claim the other is imposter.Arthur tries to stop the fighting between the girls.Arthur explains what he did.Konro notices one of the girls is a middle age man. Konro ask the imposter where is the real Hikage.She is reunited with her sister and notices she didn't tell her sister and she is going to be mad at her. The twins reunite they show the 8th their special ability.Hikage and her sister are seen with their commander and Konro saying don't bother coming back with sweets to the 8th.