Crimson Moon
Crimson Moon
Kanji 紅月
Romaji Akatsuki
Technique Info
Classification Offensive
Range Medium
Manga For Whom The Flame Burns

Crimson Moon (紅月, Akatsuki) is a Third Generation technique. Using an incredible amount of firepower, the user fires a huge fireball at his opponent that is strong enough to defeat a Demon Flame Human; creating an explosion which resembles a red moon.

Trivia Edit

  • The author has created an illusion of the name of this technique. "紅", which is pronounced "akai" , means crimson/deep red, and is the first kanji of Benimaru's name. When it is written next to "月" which is pronounced "tsuki" and means "moon", it creates the word "akaitsuki", and translates to Crimson Moon; however, Ōkubo took away the "i" in the pronunciation to use the word "akatsuki", which is actually written as "暁", and means dawn/daybreak.
  • Benimaru hinted that this may be one of Konro's techniques.[1]

References Edit

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