Company 8's Quarry
Chapter 09
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Chapter Info
Japanese 第8が追うもの
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 09
Pages 28
Volume Hero or Devil
Release Info
Japan November 25, 2015
Setsuo Miyamoto
No new techniques

Company 8's Quarry (第8が追うもの, Dai 8 Ga Ou Mono) is the ninth chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

Akitaru watches the newscast on Joker when he gets approached by Shinra. The two begin talking about the origin of the Special Fire Brigades and how the 1st, 2nd and 5th brigades came to be. Akitaru tells him that each brigade has their ulterior motives and are hiding something on their end, regarding knowledge on Flame Humans. He also tells Shinra that the 8th Special Fire Brigade was created in order to investigate the other brigades. Shinra asks Akitaru to allow him in helping with the investigation, but the two are interrupted by Takehisa, who comes by to report the results of the research on the explosive substance Joker was using in the scene. Meanwhile, Joker discusses the events of the Rookie Fire Soldier Games and reports on the 8th Special Fire Brigade with an associate of his. Shinra, Arthur and Maki are seen working in the office when the brigade gets a call in the form of a request to rescue Mamoru, who was seen stuck in a tree. At the scene, determined to help him, Shinra rescues the dog. Mamoru tells him about the trial for the release of the convict, Setsuo Miyamoto, will be held. In the courtroom, the prisoner gets paroled due to claims of psychological trauma and, as soon as he gets out, the man turns into a Flame Human. Maki reports the incident to Akitaru, who wonders where Shinra and Arthur could be, while the two Fire Soldiers give out balloons to fans of Mamoru.

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