Commence Investigation of Company 1
Chapter 21
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Chapter Info
Japanese 第1調査開始
Arc VS. Special Fire Force Company 1 arc
Chapter 21
Pages 18
Volume The Hero and The Princess
Release Info
Japan March 2, 2016
No new techniques

Commence Investigation of Company 1 (第1調査開始, Dai 1 Chōsa Kaishi) is the twenty-first chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Shinra and Akitaru are trailing after Masao, and finally put and end to the Flame Human's life. A bystander calls out to the 8th brigade, calling them murderers and to bring back Masao, but they finish their task and go back to the Matchbox. Akitaru, Shinra and Arthur discuss the event, saying that even though the Flame Human was due to die anyway, people don't accept the loss of a person who is important to them. Back at the 8th Special Fire Fighting Church, Akitaru is annoyed to find that his locker has graffiti all over, with a note on it signed by Shinra. Bursting through the door, Akitaru calls out Shinra, but he denies doing anything. Hibana interrupts, saying that she made Shinra food and to leave him alone. Taking a second to think about it, he questions Hibana on her presence at the 8th. Hibana made lunch for Shinra, commenting that it tastes nice. Ultimately, Akitaru becomes stressed at the fact that nobody is focusing on the investigation of the 1st Special Fire Brigade except himself. Hibana then uses her Ignition Ability to create pretty flowers, infatuating Maki and Iris. Akitaru tells Takehisa that they're playing fire, but Takehisa doesn't retaliate and says he's finished with people playing with fire, irritating Akitaru further. The girls decide to take a shower, and since the women's bathroom doesn't work, Hibana offers to take them to the 5th instead of using the men's bathroom, which Akitaru jokingly states that she's trying to hire members to her brigade. As they shower, Iris asks about Hibana's goals at the 8th, which she says she will help the 8th's investigation on the 1st brigade. As they gather back with the others, Shinra picks up on the fact that the three get along really well, which Hibana states they bonded over being naked together, causing Shinra to pose a vigorous grin and bleeding nose. Arthur jokingly insults Shinra for putting on a face of a pervert when he's supposed to be a hero, causing the two to scuffle playfully. All of their blabbering leads to Takehisa to shout furiously at them for causing stress on Akitaru. Akitaru then stands from his seat, exclaiming he has came up with an idea, and then screams both Arthur and Shinra to get out of the 8th brigade.


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