Kanji 鉄仙
Romaji Kuremachisu
Technique Info
Classification Offensive
Manga Shinra vs. Hibana

Clematis (鉄仙, Kuremachisu) is a Third Generation ability, used by Princess Hibana.

Usage Edit

By emitting heat from her finger or fan, Hibana can create flames in the shape of Cherry Blossoms and other flowers. Using her iron fan, she is able blow the flower petals towards a target, which burns them on contact.

Trivia Edit

  • "Clematis" is a genus of flowers — an allude to Hibana's name (translated to English), which is "fire flower".
  • The kanji ("鉄仙") used for the naming of this technique are the characters for the war fan — a weapon, through which Hibana channels her Ignition Ability.