Bullet Speed Rampage
Bullet Speed Rampage
Kanji 弾速暴走
Romaji Dansoku Bousou
Technique Info
Classification Offensive
Manga Burst with Pride

Bullet Speed Rampage (弾速暴走, Dansoku Bousou) is a Second Generation ability, used by Takehisa Hinawa.

Usage Edit

Utilising a powerful firearm, Takehisa is able to enhance the power of his shot by accelerating the speed of the bullet (or bullets) within the the gun. By using an external source of heat, such an attack by a member of the Third Generation, Takehisa's already supersonic shot becomes faster and even more powerful, resembling a huge laser beam as it files towards his opponent. The use of this technique completely destroys his shotgun, due to the sheer explosive force inside the gun blows it apart from the inside.