A New Menace
Chapter 32
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Chapter Info
Japanese 新たなる敵
Arc VS. Special Fire Force Company 1 arc
Chapter 32
Pages 18
Volume Fire Bugs
Release Info
Japan May 25, 2016
No new characters

A New Menace (新たなる敵, Aratanaru Teki) is the thirty-second chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

As the 8th Special Fire Brigade confront a giant Flame Human in the streets of Tokyo, Hibana informs them that it has various cores all over its body, and so Takehisa uses his shotgun to obliterate the monster until only one core was left. Akitaru Ōbi then finishes the job off, with the rest of the Battalion Commanders also taking care of the giant Flame Humans in their areas. Akitaru and Takehisa discuss the White Hoods they spotted in the shadows of the giant Flame Human. Back at the abandoned warehouse, Shinra informs Karim of his sighting on the hooded duo that attacked them earlier. As Karim hands his jacket to near-naked Tamaki, he tells her to prepare for punishment as she aided in bringing children into the situation, although deceived by Rekka Hoshimiya. Karim then walks over to Shinra and thanks him for helping with defeating Rekka, commenting on how Rekka became a passionate jerk, although to Karim, Rekka will always be the same person. As he gestures Shinra for a handshake, he speaks of his willingness to help with the investigation on the preacher. As the 1st Special Fire Brigade had to reorganize themselves after Rekka's sudden death, the training for the newcomers was aborted. Arthur Boyle is being searched for, as he got lost searching for Rekka. The newcomers prepare to leave the Cathedral, saying their thanks to Karim and Tamaki. Before they leave, Takeru whispers in Shinra's ear, quietly asking him to ask Tamaki how to contact her after they part ways. As she initially thought Shinra was asking, to which she blushes, but becomes annoyed after learning Takeru asks and didn't ask himself. Later on, back at the Special Fire Cathedral 8, Shinra settles in after a long trip at the 1st, and takes in the relaxing atmosphere. As he sits down expecting to see Arthur in front of him, he sees Tamaki, and learns that as punishment, she was appointed to the 8th Brigade and is banned from any activities of the 1st. As Shinra mocks her, Tamaki trips and lands on Shinra, claiming that his place of resting has been disturbed, and questions where Arthur could be.

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