Special Fire Fighting Industrial Complex

The Industrial Complex.

The 5th Special Fire Fighting Industrial Complex (第5特殊消防コンビナート, Dai 5 Tokushu Shōbō Konbināto) is the headquarters of the 5th Special Fire Brigade, located in Tokyo.[1]

Appearance Edit

The 5th Special Fire Brigade's headquarters is a gigantic industrialised factory, which consists of several separate buildings: a multi-storey cube-shaped structure with a pipeline system, which appears to connect all buildings of the complex, and a cross-like crest with the number "5" inside of it, a round and tall scouting tower, with the number "5" imprinted on the front, a radio tower with a satellite disk attached to it, two shorter and round buildings with several glass windows and a small turret on each and several other buildings. The inside of the complex was not explored upon, however, it is known that the 5th Special Fire Brigade has hold of highly-advanced technology that allows them to conduct research on Flame Humans. Inside the large complex is a big fancy mansion exclusively for Princess Hibana, which Shinra suggests matches her personality.[2] Next to the mansion is a vast front garden porch with symmetrical trees and plants on each side. The mansion consists of one large sector of a building with two floors and windows across the entire building.

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